a growing season…

this is a growing season, of change, of turning, of shedding

this is a growing season,
of change, of turning, of shedding,
of letting things fall away,
and fall apart, and come undone,
and be uncovered

and then a space of surrender,
and being, just being.

and the reflections here are temporary,
so take them in and honor them,
and be honest with them, and own them…
but then forgive them,
and don’t stay in them

let it all go… let yourself bloom

– butterflies rising

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i think love is something different…

i think love is something different

people say they want love,
but they go into relationships asking…

what can you do for me?
what can i get out of you?
who can you be for me?

that’s need. and i just think love is
something different. i think it asks different
questions. i think it looks for different things.

what is this feeling with you?
what can unfold between us?
i want to know who you are.

– butterflies rising

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you are worthy of all this…

drip myself in wild creativity and burn - butterflies rising

i want…
to search. and stretch.
and grow. and glow.
and drip myself in
wild creativity,
and burn and breathe at once
in this skin. in these lungs.
wings untethered,
under the moon,
into the sky,
and to dream big and bigger
and biggest,
and to feel free in here…
inside my anxious chest.
to just. feel. free.
and to have the universe
say… yes, you are worthy of all this.

– butterflies rising

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