love languages (blood + sugar + love + magic)…

love languages (blood + sugar + love + magic)

love languages…

blood + fire… the wild. the passionate.
the visceral things that burn in your veins,
that bite at your senses, that give you a pulse

sugar + flowers… the sweet. the soft.
the vulnerable things that tender the walls
and break your heart open

love + soul… the deep. the true. the heart.
the lungs. the breathing. the wings. the free…
the things you ache for… and the ones that ache back

magic + stars… the infinite. the destined.
the things you feel beyond words, beyond bodies,
beyond… before… after… always.

– butterflies rising

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your wildfire heart spilling out…

how your heart just spills out of you. it's some kind of soul ache just... pouring. out.

i think it’s
how your heart just
spills out of you.
it’s some kind of soul ache
just… pouring. out.
it’s somewhere dark that
your spirit has had to fight from…
there’s wreckage where it all comes from,
and there are times that just being
human feels like a violence.
but beautiful things spill out of you
the way wildfires burn… the way
butterflies fly wild… the way fireflies glow
…so let your heart be fire. and let your
soul be wild. and let your spirit glow.
because the way it all spills out of you
is just… breathtaking.

– butterflies rising

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