be curiosity…

we get spark-starters and soul awakeners

when we let go of
the need to control it all
i think the universe listens…
instead of our old patterns we’ll get
spark-starters and soul awakeners,
and instead of the hard lessons we’ll be given
inspirers and spirit challengers

…and maybe it’s as simple as to just be curiosity.

– butterflies rising

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growing wings…

my full-bodied existence is beautiful

i didn’t know how to measure my worth,
and it led me to someone who measured his worth
in attention from her, and also her, and her
and any other her to hurt me

he thought there was power in possession and pain,
and that a man’s kingdom should be built
on the stepping of her back and the forfeit of her crown

so i forfeited. and i faded. but i’m learning things…

like how real lovers don’t come in numbers. they aren’t prisoners.
they’re not meant to be suffocated, or left for granted…
and how i’m full enough of wonder to hold someone’s attention,
that my full voice matters,
my full-bodied existence is beautiful,
and that a man on the strong side of oppression isn’t
the same thing as a man who is strong.

– butterflies rising

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breathe through and release…

not everything finds peace through forgiveness

on forced forgiveness…

not everything finds peace through
forgiveness. it just doesn’t. and trying to force
something you don’t authentically feel can
not only keep you from healing, but it can also
be a reinjury to your spirit.

sometimes you just feel it in you,
how forgiveness is asking too much of you,
and it’s not because you’re holding on, it’s because
sometimes the burden of that shift,
that closure, that resolution, it isn’t your work.
it’s the other person’s energy to move, and you cannot
move energy for others.

with those things, let it be ok that all they ask of you
is to breathe through and release.

– butterflies rising

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they didn’t take pieces of you

they didn’t take pieces of you…
don’t give the people who hurt you that power

they broke loose, and dislodged,
and extracted pieces of you
that could just no longer stay part of you
and who you’re becoming

so as you’re letting those people go,
be willing to let those pieces go too

…let a new version of you
be uncovered

– butterflies rising

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another life…

i can no longer wear that shade of unworthiness, or hold that self-unkindness

and if you
took me for granted…
you must know that that
was another life.
and i have found my way
to a new life.
and you are just not welcome here.

because i can no longer
wear that shade of unworthiness,
or hold that self-unkindness,
that let me live a life
where the people i let close to me
ever treated me as anything less than
a blessing in theirs.

– butterflies rising

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