my way of asking for your forevers…

those three words…
i can’t say those three. little. words.

i can’t say it in three words.
i can’t speak these things small because
i don’t feel these things ordinary.
i can’t look at you and
feel. all. these. things.
and try to fit them into predetermined
patterns or say them to you like
some sort of easy habit;
these things that i feel are star things
and soul things
and all of my everything, things.
so when you ask…
“do you?”
i do, and i will
but out here where it’s wild
and up here where it’s infinite
and in me where i feel you,
where i’ve always. felt. you…
even before this.
and where i’ll feel you after this,
and beyond this…

so what i can’t say means nothing.
and it means everything.

and what i mean when i say to you…
burn out the stars with me

…that’s my way of asking for your forevers.

– butterflies rising

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breathing in a life…

i've been letting go of heavy things - butterflies rising

i’ve been letting go
of heavy things

and i’ve been healing
a spirit, and tending to a soul, and
listening to a heart. and i’ve started to
exhale. and to breathe in… and to
breathe. in. a life

…and i’ve been letting go of
so, so many heavy things

– butterflies rising

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all these big dreams…

take a deep breath and just hold on

you’ve got
this big heart
and it’s full of all
these big dreams
and maybe sometimes
they feel too big
and maybe sometimes
it feels too hard
but the heavens want to have
favor on you
and it may take a long time
but it will happen in its right time
so take a deep breath
and just hold on

– butterflies rising

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when a music lover loves…

the way a song makes you feel about them

when you love,
the music around you becomes
the soundtrack to the stories you are living
with that person in them

that time, those places, those moments,
it intertwines with all of it.
it becomes the energy that captures what you
feel with them, what you feel for them.
it becomes this visceral, engraved part of the life you live,
the life you know… a life that has them in it.

so, when it ends…
when you have to start unweaving
them from your stories, and untangling them
from your energy, and unraveling. them. from. your. life.

out of everything you have to let go of…

i don’t know if there’s
anything harder to let go of
than the way a song makes you
feel about them.

– when a music lover loves

– butterflies rising

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