a growing season…

this is a growing season, of change, of turning, of shedding

this is a growing season,
of change, of turning, of shedding,
of letting things fall away,
and fall apart, and come undone,
and be uncovered

and then a space of surrender,
and being, just being.

and the reflections here are temporary,
so take them in and honor them,
and be honest with them, and own them…
but then forgive them,
and don’t stay in them

let it all go… let yourself bloom

– butterflies rising

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breathe through and release…

not everything finds peace through forgiveness

on forced forgiveness…

not everything finds peace through
forgiveness. it just doesn’t. and trying to force
something you don’t authentically feel can
not only keep you from healing, but it can also
be a reinjury to your spirit.

sometimes you just feel it in you,
how forgiveness is asking too much of you,
and it’s not because you’re holding on, it’s because
sometimes the burden of that shift,
that closure, that resolution, it isn’t your work.
it’s the other person’s energy to move, and you cannot
move energy for others.

with those things, let it be ok that all they ask of you
is to breathe through and release.

– butterflies rising

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