the still places become breathing…

you turn these still places into breathing

you turn these still
places into breathing,
this. warm sun… how it wakes
a motion

you take this feeling in me
and turn it into a high road,
and an open life

you can’t come here and ask me
to feel all this love, and not turn it
into the shape of you…
you make everything beautiful,
everything about you is
made of soul

and you say we’ll find a way…
promise me we’ll find our way

– butterflies rising

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the sun, the moon, and my heart…

my sun, my moon, and my heart

wanting everything
and ready for nothing,
intense energy
and inconsistent energy
terrify me all the same

when both passion and fear
have you fully consumed…
this is what it is to have a heart
born in the soft light of the virgo sun
and a sagittarian spirit that dances
under a restless gemini moon

– the sun, the moon, and my heart

– butterflies rising

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