in his sleep…

the way he speaks of me in his sleep

there are
things he holds
close, in the awake,
in the lucid,
things he feels, but he fears
how they might fall out so helpless,
so unarmed, so defenseless…
and god, how those walls
can make me question.

but then he dreams with an open chest,
and he tells me of what he’s sure of,
and that i can let my head rest,
‘cause this isn’t a small love,
and that most times it feels like too much love,
and so sometimes… he’s just afraid.

and so my fears… they just fall quiet
with the way he speaks to me
in his sleep.

he may have a
hardened chest in the wake light,
but there are flowers in the moonlight,
and when his fears fall quiet…
there are all these things he feels
when his defenses are down.

– butterflies rising

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as you are…

let me know you. me here. you there.

he started to come closer,
and i said… don’t. just stay. me here. you there.

he said… so you don’t want to know me.

i said…
no, i do. let me know you. me here. you there.
not because i don’t want to know you,
but, so i can know you as you are.
so beautifully untouched by anything you think
you need to make yourself to be for me.

please. just be.
let me love you as you are.

– butterflies rising

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