love languages (blood + sugar + love + magic)…

love languages (blood + sugar + love + magic)

love languages…

blood + fire… the wild. the passionate.
the visceral things that burn in your veins,
that bite at your senses, that give you a pulse

sugar + flowers… the sweet. the soft.
the vulnerable things that tender the walls
and break your heart open

love + soul… the deep. the true. the heart.
the lungs. the breathing. the wings. the free…
the things you ache for… and the ones that ache back

magic + stars… the infinite. the destined.
the things you feel beyond words, beyond bodies,
beyond… before… after… always.

– butterflies rising

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the beautiful universe of you…

and your heart was placed inside with all your magic buried in it

the universe
burst stars open
and let the pieces fall
and they settled into a shape
and it was given your name
and your heart was placed inside
with all your magic buried in it
with moondust on the edges
and all your flowers planted with it
and this is you…
this is all inside of you.
so how could anyone
ever look at you
and not be breathtakingly fascinated
by the wonder of it all

– butterflies rising

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i think love is something different…

i think love is something different

people say they want love,
but they go into relationships asking…

what can you do for me?
what can i get out of you?
who can you be for me?

that’s need. and i just think love is
something different. i think it asks different
questions. i think it looks for different things.

what is this feeling with you?
what can unfold between us?
i want to know who you are.

– butterflies rising

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