the closest heartbeat…

and how we love, it's in distant heartbeats

we just can’t come close
and not get hurt.
this life, it can be so hard for lovers here.
our hearts hidden
in heavy human stories,
our hearts wrapped up
in so much hurt.
and you bruise each other at the touch.
and you both go a little mad along the way.
so what you feel…
it has to live somewhere in those soul places.
and how you love; it’s in distant heartbeats.
and how you hope, my god, how you hope
that maybe, just maybe, there is some other way,
in some softer place, in some kinder time
where you find a way to break. through.
and you can unbreak yourselves,
and unbreak your hearts,
and you can unfold into love,
and they can fall into you… and you can
feel them in the closest heartbeat.

– butterflies rising

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