i think love is something different…

i think love is something different

people say they want love,
but they go into relationships asking…

what can you do for me?
what can i get out of you?
who can you be for me?

that’s need. and i just think love is
something different. i think it asks different
questions. i think it looks for different things.

what is this feeling with you?
what can unfold between us?
i want to know who you are.

– butterflies rising

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the beautiful things they do…

the stunningly beautiful things they do

The Beautiful Things They Do…

if you keep trying to find love
with people who are broken inside
you will spend your energy and the moments
of your life, so lost, searching for understanding
of why they do all of the harmful, destructive
things they do…

but if you can be patient with love,
and save yourself for a love
with someone who is whole within,
then you will get to live your moments
and spend this journey endlessly in awe of the
way they do all of the stunningly
beautiful things they do.

– butterflies rising

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a wildflower on fire…

she's a wildflower on fire - butterflies rising

she’s a
wildflower on fire
with all that
sweet soul sugar
making your heart. beat.
and your skin cells rise,
she’s wild butterflies,
and the way she looks at you
under a wild moon
making your pulse move,
her beautiful chaos
asking you to dig deep
into that passion in your bones
and bleed out all those beautiful things
that your own wildfires hold.

– butterflies rising

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