love and wandering…

i just wildflower open... soft. vulnerable.

when i get close,
and when i let walls fall…
i become a wild mess.
and i get fully disarmed.
i just wildflower open… soft. vulnerable.
and i become such an easy mark for the way
that forever is such a pretty word off the
corner of your smile… and god,
how it feels like the sweetest. thing.
and i swear it… that stars shine brighter,
and skin feels even softer,
and songs sink in a little deeper,
and the words are the sweetest. sugar.
and they mean ten times, a hundred times,
all the times more… and i feel it all like
lightning and soul-imprint in my marrow.
and it's beautiful. and it's terrifying.
because my safe space… is in the wild open,
where there's growing space and soul-searching space,
and where my fire is bright and my wings are wide
and my breathing is all its own and i can always
feel the way my heart beats on its own…
with me over here. and you over there.
and i don't know if my heart will ever
settle it… the way everything
is more beautiful when i'm in love,
but i feel so much stronger
when i'm not.

– butterflies rising