the boys who bleed flowers and fire…

the boys who bleed flowers and fire

he’s got
a little mischief
in his smile and
a little wild in his eyes,
but there’s bleeding
in that heart
and a whole lot of
passion in that soul,
and he doesn’t just
make you feel things…
he lets himself feel
it all, too.

– the boys who bleed flowers and fire

– butterflies rising

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love languages (blood + sugar + love + magic)…

love languages (blood + sugar + love + magic)

love languages…

blood + fire… the wild. the passionate.
the visceral things that burn in your veins,
that bite at your senses, that give you a pulse

sugar + flowers… the sweet. the soft.
the vulnerable things that tender the walls
and break your heart open

love + soul… the deep. the true. the heart.
the lungs. the breathing. the wings. the free…
the things you ache for… and the ones that ache back

magic + stars… the infinite. the destined.
the things you feel beyond words, beyond bodies,
beyond… before… after… always.

– butterflies rising

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