even if it is madness…

even if it is madness to do so, i will let myself feel you.

even if it is
madness to do so,
i will let myself feel you.
and even if it is through
madness to find you,
i will search for you.
and no matter how far
and wide we wander,
how. desperately.
we lose our way…
i will look for you
in every lifetime,
until we finally stay.

– butterflies rising

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like a sure thing…

all that destiny in those wild eyes - butterflies rising

you walk in
like a sure thing…
and i don’t mean
easy skin,
i mean sure love and
steady hands,
all that destiny in those wild eyes,
so much passion in that wild heart,
all the marks on you
and the strength in you
from the mountains within you
that you scaled to get here…
it’s beautiful.
so many moons in you.
all to find your way to this light that’s
burning for you within me.

– butterflies rising

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my way of asking for your forevers…

burn out the stars with me - butterflies rising

i can’t say them.
i can’t say those three words.

i can’t say it in three words…
i can’t speak these things small.
i don’t feel these things ordinary.
and i can’t look at you and feel. these. things.
and fit them into predetermined patterns
and pre-ordered packages,
or practice how to speak them
in a rented ballroom,
or repeat them as a morning habit…
these are star things, and soul things,
and all of my everything, things…
so when you say…
do you, will you?
i do, and i will
but out here where it’s wild,
and up here where it’s infinite,
and in me where i feel you,
where i’ve always. felt. you…
even before this. and where i’ll feel you
after this, and beyond this…

so what i can’t say means nothing.
and it means everything.

and what i mean when i say to you…
burn out the stars with me

…that’s my way of asking for your forevers.

– butterflies rising

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in his sleep…

the way he speaks of me in his sleep

there are
things he holds
close, in the awake,
in the lucid,
things he feels, but he fears
how they might fall out so helpless,
so unarmed, so defenseless…
and god, how those walls
can make me question.

but then he dreams with an open chest,
and he tells me of what he’s sure of,
and that i can let my head rest,
‘cause this isn’t a small love,
and that most times it feels like too much love,
and so sometimes… he’s just afraid.

so my fears… they just fall quiet
with the way he speaks to me
in his sleep.

he may have a
hardened chest in the wake light,
but there are flowers in the moonlight,
and when his fears fall quiet…
there are all these things he feels
when his defenses are down.

– butterflies rising

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