wolves and lovers…

wolves and lovers...

wolves and lovers,
restless and running wild,
we need more than an
ordinary love and a tamed life
because some aches are
made of everything. craving. everything.
from the soul-deep to being
tangled up in heartbeats
and bite marks and body heat…
driven by instincts and
drunk on moonlight,
we need a life made of things
we can chew on,
and nights where we find
ourselves when we lose a little sleep
and we feel the blood in our veins
and the passion in our chests
like kerosene…
so i’ll go with you, if you’ll come with me…
and we’ll burn… we’ll run… we’ll love.

– butterflies rising

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you are a golden thing​…

you are a golden thing in this heavy, heavy world - butterflies rising

i could get lost
in all the little ways
you carry love, and carry light,
and hold so much
goodness in your being,
you are a golden thing
in this heavy, heavy world,
and everything feels new
when i look at you

– butterflies rising

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love languages (blood + sugar + love + magic)…

love languages (blood + sugar + love + magic)

love languages…

blood + fire… the wild. the passionate.
the visceral things that burn in your veins,
that bite at your senses, that give you a pulse

sugar + flowers… the sweet. the soft.
the vulnerable things that tender the walls
and break your heart open

love + soul… the deep. the true. the heart.
the lungs. the breathing. the wings. the free…
the things you ache for… and the ones that ache back

magic + stars… the infinite. the destined.
the things you feel beyond words, beyond bodies,
beyond… before… after… always.

– butterflies rising

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i think love is something different…

i think love is something different

people say they want love,
but they go into relationships asking…

what can you do for me?
what can i get out of you?
who can you be for me?

that’s need. and i just think love is
something different. i think it asks different
questions. i think it looks for different things.

what is this feeling with you?
what can unfold between us?
i want to know who you are.

– butterflies rising

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the beautiful things they do…

the stunningly beautiful things they do

The Beautiful Things They Do…

if you keep trying to find love
with people who are broken inside
you will spend your energy and the moments
of your life, so lost, searching for understanding
of why they do all of the harmful, destructive
things they do…

but if you can be patient with love,
and save yourself for a love
with someone who is whole within,
then you will get to live your moments
and spend this journey endlessly in awe of the
way they do all of the stunningly
beautiful things they do.

– butterflies rising

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